The Seeds Project

Who We Are

The Seeds Project helps people to help our world through independent nonprofit humanitarian and ecological projects. We

  • Make the business of nonprofit service as easy as possible.
  • Administer an ever changing array of projects worldwide.
  • Maintain administrative fees at just 2%, allowing maximum funding to be applied to the service work of each project.
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What We Do For Our Projects

People who are inspired to serve humanity or the environment apply to us to establish a Seed Project. If their application is approved they can begin their project almost immediately. We

  • Meet all annual requirements to maintain each project’s nonprofit corporate status.
  • Enable each project to receive tax deductible grants and donations.
  • Maintain administrative fees at just 2%, far less than the fees of most nonprofit umbrellas.
  • Allow individual direction and individual management of funds for each project.
  • Require project planning to increase effectiveness.
  • Provide corporate oversight to insure accountability.
Seed Project supporting community leaders in Kazakhstan and neighboring regions.
Seed Project supporting community leaders in Kazakhstan and neighboring regions.

Why Our Service Is Unique

Each Seed Project functions much like an independent nonprofit corporation, allowing

  • Rapid response to humanitarian crises and local emergencies.
  • Creative approaches to community or environmental problems.
  • Easier fund raising through donations and grants.

Current Seed Projects

We have both long and short term projects. Some of our Seed Projects function as nongovernmental agencies (NGOs) providing community services, environmental protection or economic relief internationally. Other Seed Projects are smaller individual or group endeavors, such as local projects to support emergency response teams or provide healthy meals for those in need. See some of our Current Projects...

Project Alerts

  • Annual reporting and fee is due Jan. 31, 2010
  • Annual Accounting checklist
  • Submit your Project Summary and pictures for our website
  • Have you paid for any services this year?
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Create Your Own Seed Project

If you are currently engaged in any environmental or humanitarian activity that is not already covered under nonprofit status you may qualify as a Seed Project. With a Seed Project you can clean up a local park or bring clean water to a village on the other side of the world. All it takes is your inspiration and the energy to make it happen.If you think your work may qualify and you want to be a Seed Project you can Apply to create a Seed Project .


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